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 Worker voices   matter. 

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Worker Voices Collaboration

Whether you are a global brand or a conscious consumer: do you have a good sense of the living and working conditions of the people making the products you are buying, selling, eating, and using every day?


Would you like to?


We are a collaboration of field-based non-profit organizations connecting with workers in global supply chains, their families, and their communities.  Workers want what they see, hear, and share with us to be shared with you, too.  

This website is a sandbox for sharing and amplifying worker voices.  It aggregates data from worker voice channels in Asia to highlight the real-time, ongoing experiences and concerns of workers throughout supply chains. It also compiles worker-led videos and mini-documentaries that bring to the fore various aspects of life and work in global supply chains - subtitled in English and other languages - to provide a more complete picture of worker experiences.

We have the tech and the means to connect directly to worker voices in global supply chains. Now, we need to listen, collaborate, and engage for positive change.


Our Network of non-profit NGOs and trade unions has worked with workers to be able to share the following data and videos with you in a safeguarded manner. 


If you are a worker-supporting civil society organization that would like to join in and help to amplify safeguarded worker voices from anywhere in the world - or anyone who would like to learn more, get involved, get connected - please reach out. We would love to hear from you!


See the worker-led video of the month  >

Or, click below to browse more videos


View our community's real-time data dashboard, showing the nature and trends of worker-reported working conditions in Asia, as well as measures of our collective reach and impact.  This data is securely stored in Issara Institute's data environment, with enhanced safeguards made possible by the contributions of Tech Against Trafficking

The data displayed is contributed by a growing network of non-profit civil society organizations that have joined forces to use Issara's
Inclusive Labor Monitoring (ILM) system to speak "one language" to governments and global businesses aiming to engage more meaningfully with the workers in their supply chains.

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