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Collaborating Partners

The core of our movement is a growing network of civil society collaborators, including both NGOs and trade unions. Together, we work with jobseekers in origin countries, migrant workers in destination countries, and the recruitment agency and supplier businesses recruiting and employing these workers. We also partner with global brands and retailers that are interested in integrating worker voice into their human rights and responsible sourcing programs.


Worker voices guides us all.

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NGO & Trade Union Collaborators


The main focus of the Legal Support for Children, and women (LSCW) is to reduce forced labor and human trafficking among Cambodian migrant workers abroad.

Business Collaboration with the Network

Most of the remediation that you see on the ILM Community Dashboard is attributed to collaboration between CSOs and business, with the employers/suppliers and/or the recruitment agencies playing a key role in supporting workers and responding to issues they raise. These businesses realize that working in collaboration with CSOs to empower jobseekers and strengthen communication and mutual understanding between business and workers is good for business AND good for workers.

To learn more about how recruitment agencies and employers/suppliers are collaborating with Issara Institute and Network CSO partners, please email and check out the materials and program information on the Issara Worker Voice-Driven Ethical Recruitment webpage!

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Donors & Supporters

You can't build civil society movements without donor support, and you can't build safe, industry standard views into worker voice data without technical support! The entire network extends our sincere gratitude to the donors and supporters of

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