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 Inclusive Labor Monitoring 
Community Dashboard 

Inclusive Labor Monitoring (ILM) is ongoing monitoring of conditions in supply chains across industries and both countries where migrant workers come from and where they go to work work. It is inclusive because it reflects not only the ongoing feedback of workers, but also the actions and responses of suppliers and recruiters.


Civil society service providers are collectively using the ILM system to aggregate our data and present safeguarded, democratized worker voices to the world. 


This data updates in real time. Contributions are made from a network of locally based civil society organizations (NGOs and trade unions) across Asia that work directly with workers. More filters will be coming soon too, stay tuned!

Golden Dreams is a Yelp-like smartphone app that provides job seekers with a transparent, direct job marketplace and includes migrant worker ratings of employers, labor providers, and relevant NGOs.

"For the past six or seven months, I've been looking for jobs since I got my new passport. I faced challenges with fake job ads and unreliable agencies, which my friends also experienced. Despite my experience as a returned worker from Malaysia, finding a job was still tough. Fortunately, I discovered Issara on Facebook and the Golden Dreams marketplace for job seekers. Despite some difficulties, I persisted and managed to submit my CV through the Golden Dreams app after a few attempts. I frequently reached out to Issara's hotline and even shared application process screenshots to their Viber. After waiting for 40 days, the recruitment agency called me for an interview, and I passed it! The Golden Dreams app has been truly helpful for job seekers like me. Now, I'm sharing about the app with others and expressing my gratitude to Issara for their guidance. Having such resources to avoid scams and find genuine job opportunities is reassuring. I'm committed to helping others access the right job opportunities through Golden Dreams. Thank you, Issara!"

- Burmese jobseeker in Bago, Myanmar

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