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 Inclusive Labor Monitoring 
Community Dashboard 

Inclusive Labor Monitoring (ILM) is ongoing monitoring of conditions in supply chains across industries and both countries where migrant workers come from and where they go to work work. It is inclusive because it reflects not only the ongoing feedback of workers, but also the actions and responses of suppliers and recruiters.


Civil society service providers are collectively using the ILM system to aggregate our data and present safeguarded, democratized worker voices to the world. 


This data updates in real time. Contributions are made from a network of locally based civil society organizations (NGOs and trade unions) across Asia that work directly with workers. More filters will be coming soon too, stay tuned!

"Right now, there are still labor issues at the workplace in some factories, even for documented workers. The issues are with target setting, too-limited toilet breaks, and verbal abuse. It would be great if the NGOs or Buyers could visit the factory or workplace regularly. It should help when visitors come, such as auditors, buyers, and NGOs. But somehow, workers also used to face the problem when audits come to interview workers, because they don’t keep it confidential, and workers are targeted. Thanks to Issara, my workplace is getting better, and we feel free to reach out to Issara for support. It is really helpful."

- Cambodian worker in Phetchaburi, Thailand

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